StyxCorp - Void

Let me let off some steam!


The reason behind Void is simple! Sometimes in your life comes a time when something or someone just makes you so angry that you feel like shouting at someone or ask one of those existention questions starting with "WHY/WHAT THE FUCK ...". Well if you found yourself in this position feel free to release some steam by shouting it into the proverbial void of the digital variety :)

Messages are for now restricted to a 255 character limit but that, and many other things on this site are subject to change depending on the way its used.

You may not see a login/sign-in button for this service, that's completely intentional! I decided to make this service not only easy and immediate to access but also anonymous. Once you put your frustrations into text and send it to the server you can release it out of your mind completely knowing no one will ever know who sent it! This means that using strong language is allowed and even encouraged, no censorship applies... while this website features an infinite scroll of messages, messages older than 48 hours are automatically deleted both to save space and to protect the senders and their annoying targets :)

Various information like links, names and addresses may be redacted or modified to prevent misuse of this service to the best of my ability but as with everything in life, nothing is guaranteed... It's in your own best interest to never put your (or others) personal information online, even though nothing here is permanent nor trace-able by itself, if you mention the full name of your boss or colleague in the message and they happen to find the feed it won't be difficult for them to connect the dots ;) use your brain and you'll be alright!